Disposable e-Cigarette
Gold & Silver Flavour


The Gold & Silver electronic cigarette maybe a weird name, but it's one of the more popular flavours amongst the vaping community.

  • NEW: Soft filter making it feel like a traditional cigarette
  • Closely resembles a super king cigarette
  • High strength nicotine to satisfy cravings
  • Up to 400 puffs per e-cigarette
  • Up to 65% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes
  • NO tar, NO smoke, NO harmful chemicals, NO bad odours
  • Fully charged and ready to use straight out the pack

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Product Description

Gold & Silver e-cigarettes – Warm, smoky with a slight twang

Yes, we know, it’s a silly name but it’s named after those well-known gold and silver packs of cigarettes behind the counter.
We stock this flavour because it’s extremely popular. In fact we would say it’s one of best sellers in the Hangsen range, but taste is always subjective so you need to try it to decide for yourself.

It has a thick water-based vapour that resembles the experience of traditional cigarettes. It even provides a subtle tobacco “kick” in the back of your throat to make it feel similar to smoking a tobacco cigarettes! This means that you get the nicotine you’re used to but with NO tar, NO chemicals and NO sky-high prices. It’s also why so many long-term smokers can permanently switch to e-cigarettes and enjoy a safer alternative with ease.

Your disposable e-cigarette will be supplied fully charged, filled and ready to use. Simply take it out of the packaging and start ‘smoking’ it just like a tobacco cigarette to experience this beautifully crafted flavour.

Many of our customers find it a great alternative which tastes great and gets even better with time!

The e-cigarette may be cheap but it’s still fantastic quality, providing a satisfying flavour with a rich hit of pharma-grade nicotine to satisfy even the most intense cravings.

Get yours now! Buy a single disposable black cherry e-cigarette for as low as £3.99 each whilst this offer lasts!. Both options come with free UK delivery, so order now.

Additional Information

Pack Size

Single, Special 3 Pack



No. Puffs


LED Colour









4.15v – 4.25v




2.95 – 3.4Ω


9.5 * 113mm