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Learning how to use electronic cigarette the right way is easy when you know the tricks of the trade.

Having got your brand new electronic cigarette, you’re keen to get started. Taking the e-cig out of the packaging you’re prepped and ready to go, you hold it up to your mouth take your first draw – you’re instantly disappointed.

What’s gone wrong? Everyone’s raving about vaping and how it’s just like the real thing but better.

And yet… it’s just not doing it for you.

Truth is, no matter what you hear or read elsewhere, vaping is not exactly like smoking. In order to get the most satisfaction, you need to learn how to use electronic cigarette properly. Once you know the technique, I promise you’ll never want to go back to the old stinkies.

Why E-smoking is Different


With a traditional cigarette, drawing air through the burning tip will produce smoke and the harder and faster you draw the more smoke it will produce.

With an electronic cigarette it’s the opposite as it has no combustible components, which is what makes it the safer option.

When you draw on the e-cig, a swtich activates a heating element that’s in contact with a nicotine-based liquid held in the tip. The heat generated evaporates the liquid, creating the vapour that simulates smoke. A longer, slower draw is needed by the e-cig user to give the element enough time to evaporate the liquid.

If you draw too quickly or not long enough, you don’t give the element enough time to do its thing. Both will cause either a weakened throat hit or thin vapour that then leads to frustration. The temptation is to draw harder and faster on the e-cig, but it will have the opposite effect as expected and will be totally counter-productive.

Correct Vaping Technique

  1. Draw gently on the e-cig, slow and steady. Quick puffs work with a normal cigarette because the end is alight and any air flow will make it burn faster. Quick, sharp puffs don’t work with electronic cigarettes.
  2. Inhale as normal. Do you feel the throat hit – the sensation at the back of your throat?
  3. If so, you’ve found your ideal draw strength and length.
  4. If the throat hit is too harsh, take a slightly shorter, but still slow and measured, draw.
  5. If the throat hit is too weak, try taking multiple slow draws before inhaling.

Take Your Time

There’s no law that says you have to swap real cigarettes for e-cigs all in one go. It’s quite common to use both while you learn how to use electronic cigarette and get used to the new, safer way of smoking.

Experiment, try different flavours – we have both tobacco and menthol flavoured e-cigarettes – and take the transfer slowly if giving up cigarettes completely sends you into a panic. Soon enough the versatility and convenience of e-cigs will convince you vaping is the way to go.

Most important of all? Enjoy your electronic cigarette and the new smoking freedom it’ll give you!

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