look_it_upHELP! I’ve dug a bit deeper and it’s a minefield full of abbreviations, slang words and strange terminology I don’t understand.

Well help is at hand.

Below is a list of terms used within the electronic cigarette/vaping industry.
It’s by no means a complete list and is still a work in progress but it should at least display the most common terms being used.

If you don’t find a term you’re looking for please feel free to contact us and we will help you with the definition your struggling with and add it to the list.




18650 – This refers to a type of a battery used in ecigarette mods. 18 means the diameter, 65 is the length in millimetres and 0 is the shape.

18350 – This refers to a type of a battery used in ecigarette mods. 18 means the diameter, 35 is the length in millimetres and 0 is the shape.

306 – This is a type of atomiser using a 510 thread to connect to the battery and is associated with dripping due the easier access the coil.

510 – First introduced by Joytech, this is the name of the most popular thread used within the ecig industry to connect an atomiser to the battery.

808 – This is a type of thread to connect the atomiser to the battery. It was first introduced by Chinese manufacture called Kanger as competition to Joytech and their 510 thread.

401 / 402 / 403 – These are types of threads first used by a Chinese manufacture called Smoore and their products.

801 – This is a type of thread first used by a Chinese manufacture called Sailebo and their products.

901 – This is a type of thread first used by a Chinese manufacture called Sailebo and their products.



Adaptor – This is used to convert threads into a different a type to allow other atomisers or batteries to intermix. So you can connect a 306 atomiser to an 808 thread battery.

All Day Vape – This term is used when a person who uses electronic cigarettes or vaping equipment finds a flavour they particularly like and could use it day in day out.

Atomizer – The heart of the ecig and is where the magic happens. Normally consisting of a coil and a wick, this is the device that produces the vapour which is then inhaled.

Atty – Is slang for an atomiser

ASH – Stands for “Action on Smoking and Health” and is a UK organisation to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco.

APV – Stands for “Advance Personalised Vaporiser”



BAT – British American Tobacco

Bridge – This is a band of mesh that protects the coil within an atomiser.

Bridgeless – This means an atomiser that has no protection, exposing the coil and wick. These are primarily used for dripping eliquid straight onto the coil.

Big T – Is slang for tobacco companies such as British American Tobacco or Philip Morris.

Big P – Is slang for pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline or Pfizer.



CASAA – Stands for “The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association” and is a US organisation to raise awareness and increase availability of products, which help with reducing the harm associated with smoking.

Cartridge – A container that stores the eliquid in a fibrous material.

Cart – is slang for a cartridge.

Carto – is slang for a cartomiser.

Cartomiser – Is a combination of a cartridge and an atomiser. Typically found in cigalikes, it offers a faff-free way to use electronic cigarettes.

Cigalike – A term used to describe electronic cigarettes that mimic the size and feel of a traditional cigarette.

Clearomiser – Is a combination of a tank and an atomiser. Commonly found on advance vaping equipment, it provides a faff-free way to vape.

Cone – Used on larger batteries such as the ego battery, it makes the appearance aesthetically pleasing when using smaller cartomisers/atomisers that will make the device look odd.



DCT – Stands for “Dual Coil Tanks”. They consist of a cartomiser with holes on the outside and are submerged inside a tank that contains the eliquid to filter through.

Dual Coil – This is when an atomiser contains two coils instead of one. While producing more vapour it will reduce the battery power.

Drip Tip – These were initially for dripping eliquid through to the coil in the atomiser but are also now a fashion accessory used as a mouth piece on certain clearomisers.

Dripping – Is the act of dipping eliquid directly onto the coil of the atomiser. It is said that dripping offers the best flavour and vapour production but adds to the complexity of vaping.

DSE Series – Are products produced by a Chinese company call Sailebo.



ECITA – Stands for “Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association” and is a UK organisation representing the businesses evolved in electronic cigarettes and vaping industry.

ECCA UK – Stands for “Electronic Cigarettes Consumer Association UK” and is a UK organisation representing the consumers of electronic cigarettes.

ECA – Stands for “The Electronic Cigarette Association” and is an American industry association set up both represent the interests of and enforce certain standards on members. UPDATE: They have now been merged into a new organisation called the “Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association”, TVECA for short.

E-Cig – An abbreviation for the electronic cigarette.

E-Juice – Another name for eliquid used in electronic cigarettes.

E-Liquid – This is liquid used in electronic cigarettes that typically contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol (or both), flavourings and various strengths of nicotine.

Ego – Is a name of a very common thread in the electronic cigarettes industry. It differs to the rest of the threads due to its normally paired with another thread, such as the 510 and allows cones to be attached enhancing the aesthetics. UPDATE: Recently ego threads are being solely used in certain atomisers to connect to the battery.

Ego-T – This is a name of an electronic cigarette that uses an ego battery and a tank inserted into an atomiser unit.

Ego-C – This is a name of an electronic cigarette that uses an ego battery and a tank inserted into an atomiser unit designed with replaceable coils.

Electronic Cigarette – This is a device that mimics the appearance of a traditional cigarette by producing vapour to be consumed by the user.



FDA – Is the “U.S. Food and Drug Association” and is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services over seeing areas such as Tobacco.

Flooding – This is when too much eliquid surrounds the coil resulting in gurgling noises when electronic cigarettes or vaping equipment are being used.



HR – Stands for “High Resistance”



IMR – Stands for a lithium manganese oxide battery



KR Series – Are products produced by a Chinese company call Kanger.



LR – Stands for “Low Resistance”



M Series – Are products produced by a Chinese company call Smoore.

mAh – Stands for milli Ampere hour. It’s a measurement of how much storage capacity a battery has. Generally the higher the number the bigger it is and the longer it will work.

Mod – These are electronic cigarettes/vaping equipment that have been modified to enhance certain areas of the ecig. Some mods are completely built from scratch and are normally in short supply due to the DIY method of manufacturing.



Ohm – This is the unit of measure for impedance in electronic cigarette coils. The lower the ohms the lower the voltage needed to heat the coil and produce vapour. Adjusting the ohm levels can help in perfecting your vaping experience.



Passthrough – It a method to power an electronic cigarette battery through a USB lead thus allowing constant power without having to recharge batteries.

PCC – Stands for “Personal Charging Case” and is generally used for cigalikes allowing the smaller batteries to be charged on the move.
Personal Vaporiser – This is a term used to generalise the devices used to vape. These include but are not limited to electronic cigarettes, mods, vaping gear, ego’s etc

PEG – This is an abbreviation for “polyethylene glycol”, most commonly PEG-400
Polyethylene Glycol – is used as a base in elquid. While not very common some say it offers a better flavour than other bases but give the user a very dry mouth.

PV – This is an abbreviation for “Personal Vaporiser”

PG – This is an abbreviation for “Propylene Glycol”
Propylene Glycol – This is the most common base for eliquid. It is thinner than others and allows for better wicking to the coil. It gives the best throat hit out of the other bases.



Rebuildable – These are atomisers that allow the user to replace any part they feel necessary. People use them to make their own coils allowing them to fine tune their vaping experience.

Resistance – The level of ohms used in atomisers when producing vapour.

RN Series – Are products produced by a Chinese company call First Union.



SR – Stands for Standard Resistance”.

Steep – Is a term used for eliquid to allow it to mature over time to get the most from it and to enhance the flavours.

Stinky – A slang name for traditional cigarettes.



TVECA – Stand for “Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association” and is the US organisation for representing the electronic cigarette industry and vaping equipment suppliers.

Tank – This is a container that holds the eliquid without any filler and is plugged into the atomiser to feed the wick and coil.

TH – This is an abbreviation for “Throat Hit”.

THR – This is an abbreviation for Tobacco Harm Reduction.
Tobacco Harm Reduction – This is about the activities evolving around reducing the harm tobacco smoke creates when used by the general public.

Throat Hit – This is the sensation vapers get when they inhale vapour and mimics the sensation smokes get when smoking traditional cigarettes.



Vape – Is the act of using an electronic cigarette.

Vaping – Is the act of using an electronic cigarette.

Vaper – Is someone who vapes an electronic cigarettes.

Vapour – Is the visible effects, mimicking smoke when using an electronic cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerol – Is a base for eliquid. It’s thicker than most and is also used instead of Propylene Glycol due to some people being sensitive to it. It will produce more vapour and enhance the flavours in eliquid.

VG – Is an abbreviation for “Vegetable Glycerol”.

VV – This is an abbreviation for “Variable Voltage”

Variable Voltage – A term used to adjust the voltage to match the resistance of the atomiser and create the correct optimal wattage for vaping.

VW – This is an abbreviation for “Variable Wattage”

Variable Wattage – A term used to adjust the wattage for optimal vaping experience.



Wick – This is the material used to control the flow of eliquid that the coil vaporises. As the coil vaporises the eliquid, the wick sucks more eliquid through it and feeds it to the coil.