If your big plan is to stop smoking completely, can e-cigarettes help?

Are electronic cigarettes used to quit smoking is a question that’s often asked, especially by smokers who are looking for a way to quit. Those who have tried alternative quit smoking methods, such as patches or gum, wonder if they can use electronic cigarettes instead.

Breaking the Habit


Smoking is as much habit as it is addiction to nicotine. The rituals of lighting up are part of the process and help to keep the addiction going.

Smoking triggers occur throughout the day: as a small reward for finishing a task, a kind of punctuation between one job and the next. For some smokers, getting in the car is a trigger, for others it’s making a phone call or rounding off a meal.

These little actions signal time to smoke, and whether you feel a nicotine crave or not, you’ll light up because it’s part of your daily ritual and routine.


But back to the question – are electronic cigarettes used to quit smoking?

The short answer is no.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative but they’re not recommended as a method for quitting.

Here’s why: They don’t help you break the habit.

You’re still following the same routine of getting the e-cig out, drawing on it, inhaling, exhaling and feeling the kick of the nicotine hit your system. To totally break the smoking addiction you need to also break the habits associated with it.

Most smokers want a safer way to carry on smoking, and electronic cigarettes are just that. Same rituals, same sensations, the same satisfaction. But without the mess, the smell or the chemical dangers.

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