Disposable Electronic Cigarettes


 The more you buy the cheap they become. Budget busting prices from as low as £3.99 each.


Mix and match any flavour and enjoy the following prices:

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  • Great as an easy, cheap, no-frills way to explore e-cigarettes
  • Fuss free disposable electronic cigarettes – no charging or filling required
  • A clean vapour to provide the same satisfaction as tobacco smoke and to deliver that nicotine hit
  • NO smoke, NO tar and NO nasty chemicals
  • Save money and avoid the serious health damage of tobacco cigarettes
  • Choose from a growing selection of flavours

It’s an amazingly cheap and easy way to try quality e-cigarettes for the first time, or introduce them to friends and family. You can even keep them as backups if you already have an e-cig kit.

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disposable e-cigs, from as low as £3.99 each with free UK delivery – order now as this price won’t last forever!


Find out how a fifty five pound a week smoking habit can shrink to under fifteen quid with no cravings, no stress and no urges to go back…


E-cigs produce a clean, dense water-based vapour containing nicotine which gives you the satisfaction of traditional cigarettes.

However, there’s NO smoke, NO tar and NO nasty chemicals!

You will get the same nicotine hit of a tobacco cigarette, without the increasingly expensive costs and without any of the nasties which can seriously damage your health.

But don’t feel under pressure to switch completely.

People instantly think e-cigs are for quitting. While this can be true, it’s not what electronic cigarettes were intended for. They were created as an alternative to smoking, to carry on with an activity that is safer and healthier.

A lot of smokers will, and do use both.

What is becoming a common trend amongst smokers is using both electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes during the course of the day.
For example, many smokers still enjoy that first cigarette in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. They will then use electronic cigarettes for the rest of the day with maybe the odd cigarette here and there.

Even if you were to do this, not only will you be free from any pressure to switch, you will still be financially better off and improving your health in the process.


BudgetEcigs vs Competitors

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Is today the day you make the switch?
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Enjoy safer smoking while you save…

It’s known that cigarette smoke contains 4000+ chemicals, and it’s these chemicals not the actual nicotine itself that causes long term diseases.

Electronic cigarettes now provide smokers with a safer alternative to the tobacco cigarette for the first time in history!

Hailed by some as the invention of the 21st century, e-cigarettes is revolutionising smoking as we know it, improving the health for many and giving smokers the freedom not seen before.

The lowest cost electronic cigarette with all the flavour and strength of a traditional one…

Budget e-cigs might be cheap, but they produce the same results as far more expensive alternatives:

  • High strength, 18mg pharma-grade nicotine, so every puff delivers a nicotine hit just like a tobacco cigarette
  • A powerful “atomizer” to deliver a satisfying water-based vapour which is similar to smoke but with NO harmful chemicals or tar
  • Similar size as a traditional cigarette offering familiarity while making it easy, simple and discreet
  • Each one will last the same as many cigarettes offering it’s users long lasting performance

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Budget e-cigs WITHOUT the budget quality.

BudgetEcigs only supplies the same tried and tested products as other more expensive e-cigs brands to ensure excellent build quality, a great nicotine hit, and amazing flavours using the purest ingredients.


How it works:

  1. Order your e-cigarettes, taking advantage of any offers in your chosen flavour – currently orginal or menthol
  2. Receive your e-cigarettes with FREE 2nd class UK delivery – want them quicker? Upgrade to 1st class for only £1 extra
  3. Take out your first e-cig and start using it just like a traditional cigarette – There’s no charging or filling required, it’s ready to use
  4. Once it’s empty, dispose of it responsibly or even send it back to us for proper disposal

It’s that easy! Once you’ve ran out, just order another pack of budget e-cigs and finally banish tobacco cigarettes for good!

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With FREE UK delivery!


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